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 Our Study Clubs are live analytical webinars with a small group setting. Available for orthodontic teams  across the United States. Once you sign up and are placed in a Study Club, we guarantee you will not be placed with your competition to ensure an environment that fosters openness and collaboration. 

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Our structured Study Clubs are hosted via webcam, and focus on helping your team streamline systems and protocols, provides innovative and helpful insights, and ultimately promotes your practice growth! 

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Jill Allen 

Orthodontic consultant and owner of Jill Allen & Associates, Practice Results


Throughout my 25 years in the orthodontic industry I have come to realize there just are not great opportunities for our orthodontic teams in regard to continuing education in their roles within a practice or for cultivating new ideas. In introducing these Study Clubs, I aim to both foster relationships and camaraderie amongst employees in similar positions and create an environment that introduces new ideas that can be worked into any practice. The small group setting, accompanied by structured, relevant content, and the ability for open discussion lends itself to creativity and diversified thought. 


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